Heads Up! ... for our Computer System Upgrade



On August 1, CVEC will upgrade our core computer systems that manage our billing and customer information.

This will help your Co-op operate more efficiently and prepare for increased member options in the future.

There won’t be many noticeable differences to you,
the member, but below are a few that you may see
after the upgrade.

Billing & mailing address:

  • CVEC has redesigned our electric bill, so it will have a new look.
  • If you submit payments by mail, your envelope will go to a new address, where it will be processed, credited to your account, and then deposited to CVEC’s bank.
  • If you utilize your bank’s bill payment service, you will need to provide them with the new address once the change goes into effect.
  • Your current account number will stay the same! (Make sure you are using the account number printed on your bill.)

Online & phone payments:

  • CVEC will be switching from Western Union / Speedpay to a different payment processor. Western Union will not process payments to CVEC after August 1.
  • If you are enrolled for recurring Western Union payments, no payments will be automatically processed after August 1. You will need to visit the new payment site on and re-enroll for recurring payments.
  • When you pay online or through the automated phone system, your account will be updated in real time.
  • If you are paying to have service restored or to avoid an imminent disconnection due to non-payment, contact us by phone so that we can take the appropriate action.

Member web portal:

  • The portal that permits you to access your account information will be new, but the features will be similar, if not the same.
  • Members will be able to use their existing username, but will need to use their existing account number to sign-on for the first time.
  • Your billing and usage history will be available with a weather overlay.
  • You will still be able to view your daily usage to help manage energy.
  • Submitting a service request or reporting an outage are options that will remain available. (Go to Lights On! above)

Other programs & options that Will Not Change:

  • Levelized Budget Billing
  • Prepaid Option
  • Automatic Bank Draft
  • Paperless / E-Billing
  • Mobile App
  • Texting

Look for additional updates!




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