Power Restoration


1. Substation Outages:

As a distribution Co-op, CVEC is dependent on the delivery of wholesale energy through the transmission systems of Appalachian Power and Dominion Virginia Power. During major outages and on other occasions, CVEC must await repairs to the transmission system before there is any opportunity to deliver power by way of the CVEC distribution system.

2. Outages on Primary Circuits:

Each substation has two or more three-phase circuits that serve as a primary distribution line.

The A, B, & C phase each carries energy and operates independently of one other, sometimes causing confusion for members along a line, where one phase may have tripped causing some member to be without power, while members on the other side of the street have lights.

As mentioned earlier, faults are cleared starting at the substation and proceeding out toward the end of the primary circuit, a strategy the restores service to the most members as early as possible.

Repairs along the main circuits may be time-consuming, often requiring the removal of damaged utility poles, setting new poles, attaching new cross arms and transformers, and removal of damaged conduit. During major events, the same process may be required a few miles further down line (away from the substation.)

3. Single-Phase Feeders or Tap-Lines:

These single-phase lines take off from the three-phase primary circuits to serve local neighborhoods and clusters of homes. As repair crews move along the primary circuits, some crews will check fuses at the head of each tap line and follow the single-phase lines to repair any damage along the line.

4. Single Outages:

The final step in restoring service during a widespread and extended outage is to restore service to individual homes or businesses. This may require simply closing a fuse or require chainsaw work and repairs to distribution equipment.




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