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Prepaid Service

Pay the amount you wish, when you wish!

Wouldn’t it be easier to make a weekly or bi-weekly payment for electricity, rather than one large payment each month?

CVEC Prepaid works like a prepaid cell plan … you pay up front for electricity you will use later. And just like your prepaid cell service, we’ll warn you before you run out of electricity!

Further, you can now check your electricity balance and electricity usage as often as you like when you log on to your account at the Member Account Portal. No more monthly surprises when you open your CVEC bill!

An interesting aside? Members who choose this option often reduce their overall energy consumption because they are paying closer attention to their energy usage!


It’s a new way to pay your electric bill, available to CVEC members on the Farm and Home Rate (Schedule A) with 200 amp or less service.

You pay the amount that you want (over the $25 minimum) any time you want ... just make sure your balance doesn't drop to $0.

No deposits or credit checks to open an account.

No disconnection or re-connection fees.

No long term contract ... just month-to-month.

Same rates and services as a residential account.

No cost to convert an existing account to Prepaid ... just start with a $50 initial account balance.

Voluntary sign-up or cancellation of the program.

Starting the service

Visit your nearest CVEC division office (Colleen, Appomattox or Palmyra) or call 800-367-2832 to speak to a Member Services Rep.

The Prepaid Rate Schedule can be read here.

You must establish an initial $50 Prepaid balance with CVEC. If the service is new, you must also pay our standard Service Connection Fee. (See CVEC Terms and Conditions)

Eligible accounts

This service is not available to you if you:

Enrolled in Net Metering (ie: if you have renewable energy facilities connected to the CVEC system).

Are enrolled and wish to remain in the Budget Billing Program.

Have terminated the Prepaid service within the last 12 months.

Have a Serious Medical Condition Certificate filed with CVEC.

Have a service larger than 200 amps.

Are utilizing and wish to continue automatic bank draft payments.

Opening balance

This program does not require a credit check or a deposit. Just establish the initial $50 Prepaid balance.

If you’ve previously paid a deposit to CVEC, it will be refunded to you when you sign up for a Prepaid Service account. Also, any amount of your refund can be applied to the initial Prepaid balance or to a remaining balance.

Metering and billing

Once a day, CVEC will read your meter and deduct the cost from your balance for that day’s service.

No invoice will be mailed to you if you enrolled in Paperless Billing. You are responsible for monitoring the account balance.

This balance can be reviewed anytime, from anywhere, online on CVEC’s website or by calling the Co-op’s toll free phone number.

CVEC will notify you when the account balance is below $25 (or a higher amount that you specify) or below a balance that would cover your estimated 5-day usage (or a longer period that you specify). You can choose how to get this notification: by email, phone or text. A third party can also be notified.

When the cost of your service equals or exceeds the balance in your account, electric service will be suspended. (We only suspend service Monday - Friday, 7 am-3pm. Service is not suspended on weekends, holidays, severe weather days.)

Service will be automatically restored when the member establishes a positive balance to the account.

There are no disconnect or reconnect charges.

Members on CVEC's Prepaid Service can check their balance and usage 24/7

when logged into their member account portal.

Making payments

Pre-payments can be made by any of the methods currently available, with the exception of Automatic Bank Draft.

A $25 minimum payment is required.

You can put money into your account in person, by phone, and online.


You can also download this information in a prepared brochure

and print it to read offline.






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