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AMR Metering

The Co-op utilizes automated meter reading (AMR) equipment to retrieve your monthly kilowatt usage. AMR also allows CVEC to remotely verify that your meter has power, to check the voltage levels, and to verify your last meter reading. CVEC still periodically inspects the equipment to ensure it's in working order.


CVEC uses private contractors for numerous tasks such as pole inspections, right-of-way work, and meter changeouts. We send notification ahead of time if they will be be working in your neighborhood, by mail or phone. Their vehicles will be marked as CVEC Contractor and some individuals will have an ID card with the same identification.

During construction and particularly during rainy periods, work trucks may leave ruts in the work area. Following the construction work, a second crew will return to make necessary repairs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during any construction period.

Locked Gates

If you have security locks on your property gates, please contact CVEC to arrange for access to power lines and meters at all times and in case of emergency.

Meter Testing

CVEC provides a meter base and meter. Though the meter is an accurate recording device, some members may want to have the meter tested when their monthly bill is higher than expected. Meters are extremely reliable. If anything, they tend to run more slowly as they age. CVEC will test your meter if you believe it is in error, but a fee is charged if it has been recently tested and certified to be accurate.

Power Theft

On occasion, CVEC has found meters that have been tampered with by a member in an effort to reduce their recorded energy consumption. While meter tampering is both illegal and unfair to other cooperative members, it could also prove to be fatal. Never tamper with CVEC equipment, and call us if you see anything that appears out of the ordinary. You'll find more info here.

New Service

CVEC provides up to 1400 ft. of underground or overhead line for a new residential service. The member is responsible for the cost of any line extension over that distance. This policy allows CVEC to recover its investment without passing costs along to our other members. Similarly, requests for relocation of utility poles or similar work will be accommodated if possible, and the member will be charged our cost. More info about new service can be found here.


Service outages can occur when a tree or animal comes in contact with our lines. When the contact is only temporary, CVEC relies on installed devices known as reclosers to prevent an extended outage. A recloser will try to re-energize the line up to three times and often prevents an unnecessary outage. Your clocks may be blinking when you arrive home, but you’ll have power! Read further info here.


CVEC’s 4500 miles of distribution line can be damaged and service interrupted by trees that grow up into the lines or into the 40-feet cleared right-of-way. Periodically, CVEC crews or contractors will trim, bushhog or spray trees in the right-of-ways (ROW) to ensure reliable service. More info about the CVEC ROW program can be found here.

Security Lights

CVEC provides members with pole-mounted street or security lights for a fixed monthly rate. Both utilitarian and decorative lights are available. If you already have a security light and need a bulb replacement, please be aware that CVEC has discontinued the use of mercury vapor bulbs and will be installing only high-pressure sodium bulbs from this point forward. More info about CVEC choices of security lights can be found here.

Serious Medical Conditions

If someone in your household depends on electrically operated medical equipment such as dialysis machines, oxygen machines, or heart monitors, you should contact CVEC to ensure that we have a Serious Medical Condition form on file that has been certified by your doctor. CVEC cannot guarantee uninterrupted service due to inclement weather, so we advise that you also make arrangements for alternative power before an emergency arises, whether with a home generator, in a community shelter, or with family or friends in another town. More info about the Serious Medical Condition form can be found here.


Standby Generators

If you use a standby generator during power outages, remember improper generator hookup can create serious problems in safety and service.

It’s very important for your home to have the proper transfer switch. This switching device is used to transfer the electric service from the power line to the generator. If the switch is not used, feedback from the generator on to our power lines could endanger the lives of line crews working to restore your power. Feedback could also damage your generator, home wiring, and appliances.

Please contact CVEC (800-367-2832) before installing and using standby generators. We can provide helpful safety information and will also document your account that you have a generator that may be operational during an outage.

More details about whole house standby generators can be found here.

Virginia 811

Call 800-552-7001 or 8-1-1 at least 3 business days before you dig in your yard. This is a free service.
Calling before you dig is the law! You'll find more information about Virginia 811 and how you can
place a ticket online here.







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