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Looking foroutsidelighting?Welcome to CVEC:
You are about to become our newest member!

You may apply for service at one of our office locations or by telephone
at 800-367-2832.

If you are new to CVEC, you may wish to view:

a copy of our Terms and Conditions for Distribution Service. (PDF)

a copy of our Bylaws. (PDF)

Service for New Construction

New Service Info(For new construction)If you are applying for service for a new home or business under construction, please contact our Engineering Department to discuss your building project and the Cooperative's electric service facilities.

Transferring Service

If you are applying to have service transferred into your name, please contact CVEC's Member Service Department in person at one of our office locations or by phone at 800-367-2832, Option 0. Be prepared to provide us with the following information:

  • Name on the Account
  • Physical Location of Service
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number

If we are unable to verify the location of service from the physical address, we may need to ask you for the previous occupant's name, a service pole number, or a meter number.

You will be asked to complete and sign an Application for Membership form and provide the date you request service to be transferred into your name. Please allow five days for the transfer to take effect.

A non-refundable $25 service connection fee will be charged for setting up your account.

This fee will be added to your first bill.

CVEC will conduct a credit check to determine if a security deposit is necessary.


Security Deposits: If found to be necessary, the security deposit amount will be the equivalent of your estimated maximum liability for two consecutive months' usage. If the security deposit exceeds $75, you may request monthly installments. The deposit will be refunded to you one year after the full deposit has been paid if your account is residential, and two years after the full deposit has been paid if your account is commercial; provided you have paid your account in a timely manner. The Cooperative will pay interest on security deposits held longer than ninety days at a rate determined by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Discontinuing Service

If you are requesting service to be disconnected, please contact the Member Services Department with your request. The Cooperative will disconnect the service within a reasonable time after receipt of your request. Failure to notify the Cooperative of your request to terminate service keeps you responsible for all services until a disconnect notice is received. CVEC will issue you a final bill for services up to the date of disconnection less any outstanding security deposits.

Please keep the Cooperative informed of your future addresses. We will forward any future refunds to you when the Board of Directors approves patronage capital refunds for the years you received service from the Cooperative.

Please contact the Member Services Department by telephone at 800-367-2832,
or by mail:


Attn: Member Service Dept.

P. O. Box 247

Lovingston, VA 22949






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