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Understanding CVEC Metering and Billing Options

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You can view your current and past bills, watch your daily and monthly usage, update address information, and more. How? Click the icon to the right.

eBilling Sign-up

Go Green! Sign-up for e-billing and your monthly invoice will be delivered to the email address of your choice. Paper billing will be discontinued.


The loss of a love one can be a difficult time. CVEC wants to make the Estate Account process as easy as possible for our members. See our guidelines here.

Fuel Assistance

Should you find you are having trouble paying your monthly energy bills, you may wish to contact your local Social Services office for Fuel Assistance information for your county.

How to Read Your Bill

CVEC changed the look of our invoice August 1. Here’s a graphic "primer" to better understand the new version.

How We Meter & Bill

CVEC reads meters on a daily basis and the usage data is sent back to our substation via the powerlines. But once a month, we convert a monthly read into a bill for services used.

  • On a monthly cycle, we bill each account for the month’s kilowatt-hour consumption.
  • After the bill is issued, the member has 20 days to pay for the previous month’s usage.
  • In another 10 days, the next monthly reading is taken and another bill is issued. If the prior bill has not been paid, the new bill includes the current due amount and the past due amount, and a 10-day Disconnection Notice is printed on this bill.

While most members pay their bill on time, a very small portion do not. Once a disconnection notice is printed, CVEC will attempt to contact members by automated phone calls if we have a phone number on file. The recorded voice will ask you to please contact the Co-op about your bill. Most members call in and are able to make a payment to clear their balance. Some do not and CVEC is forced to disconnect service for non-payment based upon energy consumption that occurred 45-75 days in the past.

Levelized Budget Billing

If you would like for your electric bill to be about the same every month, regardless of fluctuations in the weather, you should sign up for CVEC's Levelized Budget Billing Plan. To determine the fixed amount you will pay each month, the Cooperative calculates a rolling average amount based on your usage in the current month and the previous eleven months. There is no settle-up month and you can sign up for Levelized Budget Billing ANY month of the year.

In order to participate in budget billing, you will need to be a residential member and your account must be paid up and have 2 or less late payments in the last 12 months.

Read more about the plan here and download an application to apply. You can also sign up for this service by calling 800-367-2832, option 3, or emailing

Read Your Meter

  1. Write down the value of each dial.
  2. NOTE: The dials alternate directions. You can tell which way the pointers are turning by the sequence of the numbers.
  3. When the pointer is between two numbers, use the lower number.

If your meter has only 4 dials, you will need to add a 0 (zero) in the fifth spot for it to read the correct usage. (ie: apply a multiple of 10).


Security Deposits

CVEC may require that a new applicant or a long-term member pay a security deposit as dictated by a credit check or payment history. The amount of the deposit shall not exceed the two highest consecutive electric bills for that service location. For more information on security deposits, please refer to CVEC’s Terms and Conditions for Providing Distribution Service.

Summary Billing

Members who have multiple meters and facilities, and therefore multiple bills, can have them all itemized in one bill. Our Summary Billing option is free and simple. You will have the convenience of receiving only one bill and sending only one check.

Every month, we'll include the balances of all your individual accounts on a single statement - a Summary Bill. Simply pay the total amount indicated on the Summary Bill statement, and enclose only the Summary Bill payment stub, not the individual payment stubs, with your remittance in the return envelope.

To see your summary billing info online, go the Access MyCVEC login page. Enter your account number with three zeros at the end (000) with no hypens. You will then see a summary bill of all of your accounts.

Third Party Notification

CVEC will send a copy of your monthly power bill to a designated friend or family member. If you travel or live alone, this service offers assurance that you won't miss a monthly payment and risk an interruption of electric service.

Variation in Billed Amounts

Your electric bill can vary sometimes to a great extent. During the colder or warmer months, heating or cooling costs can cause your bill to increase, while during milder months your costs can decrease.

A change in the weather is only one cause of an increase or decrease in your bill. Variations in your electric costs are sometimes reflective of the number of days between meter readings. Usually, we read your meter remotely about every 30 days. However, circumstances may require the meter reading time to vary from 27 to 34 days. Also be aware CVEC employees will continue to visit every meter at least once a year, so you will see us on your premises.







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